What is Qlowt?
Qlowt is a search engine mixed in with a social networking application that brings you the best food & drink prices while having the ability to match & eat with someone. We showcase your city’s food and drink specials right the palm of your hands. You can choose to go alone or have the option of going with someone else
Is Qlowt Free?
Yes, download the Qlowt app for free in the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
Where is Qlowt available?
Currently, Qlowt is available in the United States & Canada. Follow us to find out the new countries we enter into.
What is the minimum age requirement?
18 years old.
Can I search for a specific person on Qlowt?
No, you cannot search for a specific person. They only way to connect and chat is if you matches based on mutual dining interests.
Why is my message not going through?
Once your very first message has been sent you will be restricted to sending that user any more messages until they reply back. After they reply it’s open game. So make sure your opener is a good one.
I accidentally unmatched someone. Can I restore the match?
When you unmatch someone, you’ll disappear from their match list, they won’t be able to message you anymore, and they will also disappear from your match list.
Do I have to match with someone to use the app?
No, Qlowt is a search engine for food & drink specials. You have the choice the utilize the social networking side of the equation.
Do I need to setup a profile to use the app?
What if the special listed no longer exists?
Let us know immediately at